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About Us

We Are Indigo Rein

At Indigo Rein, we take great pride in producing sustainable jeans, pants, and shorts that are crafted from organic and recycled material. We care about the planet as much as we care about how great you’ll look, and our expert designers and craftsmen have helped us become one of the most successful sustainable apparel companies in the country.


Our Brand

Premium style at affordable prices. That’s what Indigo Rein is all about. You’ve come to a company you can trust. A place that goes beyond the denim to make the world a better place through high-quality, sustainable fashion. For more than a decade, Indigo Rein has been a wholesaler available through a number of top retailers, both online and in stores. And now we’re offering a direct-to-consumer site to make it even easier to access our sustainable jeans and shorts. Young women across the country have fallen in love with our eco-friendly apparel and fashion-forward looks — give us a try and we know you will too.


Why Believe In Our Product? 

Our jeans and apparel construction contain materials from 4 key areas. We source materials made from:

  • Ocean Recycling
  • Recycled Plastics
  • Organic Cotton
  • Recycled Cotton


 Our eco-friendly washes and dyes present a variety of options for every taste. We offer jeans and shorts with carefully planned destruction as seen by the trends in the industry. Sustainable apparel is our focus, created through recycled and organic materials, bringing you the best of both worlds: jeans and apparel made with regard for our planet that looks absolutely terrific on you.